I’m in the days where I really feel like school needs to be done and over with like for real. There’s a lot of things I kind of had planned out for the summer like doing my hobbies without a problem. During school, I get so tired  due to the fact that the sun is out. When the sun is out or its warm outside, I get super lazy to do any work. This summer however, I’m planning on not being lazy and actually work on about my plans.

I wont be blogging after this because nobody really be reading my blog posts so I don’t want to waste my time blogging if nobody’s reading it and actually i get extra lazy when school is over so blogging is really a thing that I’m thinking of not continuing doing. It’s a great  way for people to read what’s new and what’s on my mind but I really don’t think I’ll have time to actually write it even though it would be a great thing to continue.

Some of the things I’ll try to complete is learn how to drive because I need my own ride sometimes in the year. It’s completely sad how I’m eighteen and yet I lack driving skills. I’ll also try to get my licences and also a job. that’s all I want to achieve this summer. Some of the activities I’ll do is do my hobbies/interests/and games like going to the park and run or play soccer, dance, and do other activities in the house with my younger siblings.

I wish I can go visit my friends in Buffalo, New York because I really miss them but I don’t think that’ll happen. During any summer of my life, they were always weddings going on, so this summer well in late spring on June 12th, I’ll attend this wedding at church. This summer is about to me my first full summer in Cedar Rapids Iowa, so I  will also watch movies.

It’s good for humans to rest from all the school work but it’s not really great for them to forget about it completely. I think this summer I’ll try to see if I can visit some colleges or think of what college to attend when I’m done with senior year next year. I’ll try to find out what I can do with a resume, FASFA and see if there’s any internships I do and also think of doing something that’ll give me a scholarship.



Clifford Owusu

Clifford-Owusu-DUNIA Clifford Owusu is one of my very favorite African comedian actor who really influence me in the things he be talking about how it is in an African home and how some parents act and the things they say to get their children to act right. He basically talks about actions that happen in an African home. I feel like this is what he was called to do and I also think that it was his hobby growing up: just being able to entertain and be real with people about certain things. As he’s a comedian, he’s also a dancer and singer.

Clifford Nana Kwame Owusu also known as simply Clifford Owusu was born in May 15th, 1984 in Tema, Ghana. He grew up in Bronx, New York. He is well-known in the African Community for his dancing, and comedy videos on YouTube and social medias. He stated being interesting in music and dance at a very young age. At age 6, he came to America where he then was more interesting in music and dance. He calls his music  “K5! Production” which came from his name Kwame and month, day and year was born ‘5″. His YouTube channels are called “Straight to the point” where he goes off on every and any topic by using his sarcastic and straight forward humor.

“Things Africans Had To Deal With Growing up ” is one my thousands \favorite videos not because its funny but also because its straight to the point and actually showing what we really went through or still going through while growing up in an African home. I love his videos because it points out some of the similarities and differences between Africans and some other countries or continents. Some of the things we deal with while growing up is the fact that you just cant talk back to your parents what so ever: not even an “okay” because they’re take it as talking back.

“I’m African” is like I said one of my other millions favorite. This video is a great one because it points out what we really are. As there are millions different countries in Africa, the things they do in those countries can differ with each other in many ways. In other ways though, there somethings I dislike of him especially when he said “I’m African yeah, I’m African, pull up in the scene 3 hours late, ..” That’s half-true because not all African come hours later to a certain place.



c6678034042c7bd0439fb1a28e2ef38d The  other thing I like reading is the bible. This is the greatest and true  book on earth that God gave us to guide and teach us in a way of righteous. I need the bible even more now because I moved to Iowa and they don’t have my Kimani tru and drama high books to read. The bible is not just a big 1,000 and something pages. In it, there are 66 books and within those, it has chapters and verses. So basically it has more books in it making it one and big.  I have many quotes from the bible but One of my favorite one is the one up where from Psalms.

This chapter, Psalm 23, has a very strong meaning to which I found out to mean that God will take care of us no matter what but only if we ask him and also believe. By saying “The Lord is my Shepherd,” David was saying that God is his protector who watches over him. That metaphor is touching due to the fact that we’re God’s lamb. If you have God in your life, then you don’t have to worry about anything else because it will come as you wish .

Reading these is something  that has fed me spiritually, I’m so happy and proud that I grow spiritually in the word of God. The reason why David said this was because he was going to fight Goliath: one of the big and bad, tough guy. David was the lowest of the low and also the youngest and smallest compared to Goliath and in his people’s eyes. So since David had a strong faith in the Lord, he prayed to God asking for his protection. Everybody thought that Goliath was going to finish David but instead David killed him first. The reason why they had that fight was because Goliath’s people were talking nonsense about David’s God so instead he showed them that God is nothing to mess around with.( 1 Samuel 17). Goliath’s people and David’s had agreed to send one person to fight so when David came, it was a surprise. They said who ever wins will get something: If David’s people win, Goliath’s people will serve God and if Goliath’s people win, David’s people will serve them and be their slaves.




Yemi Alade



YYemiAladeemi Eberechi Alade was born in Abia State, Nigeria on March 13th, 1989( aw same date as my late younger brother) She’s now 27 years old. Her genres are afro-pop and grew up being a singer and songwriter, all though it doesn’t said that she’s a dancer, but in her song, she be dancing and she’s pretty great. She’s a Nigerian afropop singer who won the peak talent show in 2009. she started her career in 2005 and is involved with Selebobo. She published many songs to which some are Johnny, Na Gode, Pose and a whole lot more. I love his artist because her songs makes sense to me even though sometimes she speaks in Nigeria, but the beat and the video tend to give me a clue on whats happening.

This song is one of my favorite song about her because they pretty much finds a guy that cheated on almost all the girls in the village they were living in and he basically got caught and punished. I got introduced to this song when I went to visit my family members in Cleveland Ohio. At first when I saw it, I though to my self “what kind of thing is that?” but when I returned to Buffalo, I had memorized the title and the more I played it, the more I found myself falling for it. I started making a dance to it but I didn’t quite finish because sometimes when I look at a dance, I feel like there should be  a partner dance to it, and at that time I didn’t have a partner except for my younger sister.

Pose is one of her song which was published in June 11th, 2015. She sang it with Mugeez. This song however is the best song that includes a lot of parallel structure and  a great beat. The thing I feel that makes the African hip-hop so famous and lovable is the marvelous beat they include. The beats take you somewhere you don’t even know. I pretty much got introduced to this song last year at Buffalo State College where I actually danced to it at a talent show. This song reminds me a lot of the environment I was living in Buffalo New York. At first I though this song didn’t make sense but if you have crazy friends that act stupid sometimes, you find yourself wanting to like that song. Both of those songs actually makes the greatest dances if you take your time to actually prepare a dance for each. 





Dance-Hall King


This singer/dancer is also one of my many African dancers and singers who really makes great songs and beats that takes them away from life while dancing. Born as Charles Ni Mensah Jnr. in Accra, Ghana, in  October 17th, 1984 now is 31 years old, Shatta Wale is a breathtaking singer, songwriter, and has fantastic ways of bringing people’s hearts into his music because of his great beats. His origin  is Ghanaian and his genre is Dance-hall and reggae. He  works with Sarkodie, Davido, and Tiffany. His active dates is from 2004 until now. Shatta Wale is known for his song Dance-hall king which led him winning the Artiste of the year at the 2014 edition of the Ghana Music Awards.

Dance-hall is a genre of Jamaican popular music that was  originated in the late 1970s. It is named after Jamaican dance halls. Its more of reggae and the instruments that were used to play this were drums and guitars. He considered to be a dance hall king because he’s fit to be the king of dance hall where He demonstrated that he can act well featured in Shattered Lives with Majid Michael. He is a dance hall king indeed because his dances are quit unique. Although his dances are based on alkayida, but mostly it’s inspiring.

He made a lot of songs but some of my favorites are Dancehall King and Gal Wuk it. The first time I got introduced to this was when I was freshmen at McKinley high school in New York during drama club. Our school had decided to do a talent show so my African squad decided to dance to Dancehall king but we didn’t actually dance because they then canceled the talent show because of the un disciplined kids. I like this dance because you basically have to do whatever you like.

Connecting this to the smart lunch I heard about the musician Hannah, I can conclude that whatever shatta wale does, it’s not just entertainment but also his career. I understand that doing something without entertaining yourself is nothing at all but still I can argue that a person can still do anything if they’re getting paid regardless or not entertainment is being part of it. People nowadays will pretty much do anything to get money and that’s what I think about these new updated songs, they made them just to receive the money. Although it’s still considered to be their work of art.


AP Exams Are Coming!!!!

When I moved in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in August 15th, 2015, I found everything to be so different from what was there in Buffalo New York. The schools are way different, the landscape is totally  different, and the way things works here are also difference. This difference is what’s making me being slow in some certain things that I’m doing. Now that i”m in Iowa, I’ll just pretty much get used to it because I don’t know if I’ll move anywhere else until I’m done with high school ( maybe).

When I arrived in Cedar Rapids, I went to Jefferson High School when school started on the 24th of August. I had AP Environmental science, chemistry, pre-calc, AP Language and Composition, Health and Fitness, French 2 but then changed the AP Environmental to AP psychology because I had two sciences and wanted to change one to a history class. I don’t know why they didn’t assign me US History but when I came to Kennedy, they assigned me it when I had already took it in New York. That got me really mad. Since the AP Exams are approaching, I won’t have to worry about doing my hobby because I’ll have to study. 

At Kennedy high school, I got there on September 1st. At Kennedy however, things changed because they gave me a class that I’ve already took. My schedule however didn’t change from Jefferson but the fact that they added one semester of US History and the other semester, I’ll take it next year! The two AP classes I take are AP Language and Composition and AP Psychology. Those AP classes are hard but I’m trying so hard due to the fact that the exams are in May. The studying hard is definitely needed because its something I’m clearly not used to.

In Buffalo New York though, we had a thing called “The New York State Regents Exams” where we had certain classes that were required an exam and being able to pass it with a 65% or above. Those exams were taken after the school is over. The person taking the exam would receive an exam schedule and the time they’re supposed to come t it just like the AP exams in a way but the AP isn’t until school is over. I liked the regents because I have more than enough time to study it but here with the AP, it’s different. I never knew a thing called AP classes until I got in Iowa but I’m glad I’m taking some and challenging myself.





The Real against FC Barca !!     BY DERMOT CORRIGAN 

The Saturday of April 2nd, 2016, I was fascinated to hear that Real Madrid and FC Barcelona had a match against each other. It made me so happy that I actually got to see who won and how they actually scores. Although I didn’t see it live, but it was really great. They didn’t play in La Liga  but in El Clasico. During that time however, the Atletico Madrid beat  Real Betis. Last time we saw that Real Madrid had gotten beat by the Atletico and how their team was kind of fading.

Real Madrid has a coach that helped them that Saturday afternoon which had a great thing for them because  they  won against  FC Braca (2-1). Zinedine Zidare made a huge impact on The Real.They not only practiced hard enough, but also got a trusted coach. FC Barcelona did some major practice but not enough as the Real because Madrid had lost that one game and made the scores decrease. Both Christiano Ronaldo and Karlner Bancima both scored and not only that, their team have new midfielders.

Because of the hard work they’ve been putting in such practicing harder than hard and also  wining against Barcelona on 4/2, Eibar on 4/6 (4,0), Wolfsburg on 4/12 (3,0), Getafe CF on 4/16 (5,1) and finally, Villarreal on 4/20 (3,0) This made them be in 3rd place in La Liga with 78 points, only one point away from Barcelona but that’s not to worry I know they will increase it.  Their La Liga standings are GP=34, W=24 D=6 L=5 GF= 101 GA=30 and GD= 71. They’re so happy that they increased their strengths and hopes in playing great and also the coach: Zidare is also proud of them too.

The above video is a match they had, not the full one but they only show how they scored but it’s quite like the full even thought they don’t show the first and second full quarter. That was a great save that Real Madrid did, the corner kick that FC Barca did made then score the first goal. The ball just went in the net without him noticing. The goal Real Madrid did though, was an  amazing one because they passed the ball around and basically was working as a team. Although FC Barca were the first to score, but that didn’t change anything but the fact that Real Madrid came back hard.











The Little Things Matter

Mixed-Race-and-Complete-363x330  BLM-Brooklyn

Things that happened to Celia didn’t surprise me enough because of the fact that it’s known we live in a world that’s full of violence and hatred. The fact that black people are really trying to fight for their lives, and some white people also helping, but because of Bill Clinton “defending the people who kill the lives you say matter,”  Because of that, young people are going out with guns in the street while they’re supposed to be listening to what’s been going on in the society.

We have to teach our generation not to be racist but  to learn about things that happened back in the days so they can plan whats going to happen in the future. These small children are the people of tomorrow. In Between the world and me Ta-Nehisi touched about that subject in having children know the history of America and how to live in it. The killing of black people is a thing that needs to really stop both physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and so on. WE ALL HAVE TO THINK WHY WE HATE, BEFORE WE DO IT BECAUSE IN THAT CASE, AT LEAST SOCIETY WLL BE UPLIFTED.

This thought they’re thinking of doing is something that’s surprising  because not only is she going to be the first black person to be on a money bill, but she’s also the first woman. Because of her, she now gets to be on the $20 bill, as a remembrance for the amazing work  she did and also  for the woman’s suffrage since that time, women were pretty much useless.

Not only was this surprising to me, but I also think that it would to other black people just because “they’re” remembering the things black people also did in the past. I like this because its like a great memory to remember the history and how we can learn from that to prepare our steps in the future. All these little things that’s  happening that people say ” they’re too little to matter,” They’re pretty much the ones that actually matter a lot so we should really open up our eyes and pay attention to whats going on in this century. Like Ta-Nehisi said to his son about not being engaged in  the flow of the people but to be conscious about the surrounding, I think that’s what we should all start doing.

Between the world and me

10BOOK-blog427-v2 download

Between The World And Me is an amazing  book written by Ta-Nehisi Coates to his son to tell him how a Black person should live in America. Before I go on into talking about this book and this author, there’s a few questions that has been burning my heart that I finally want to ask. First of all, I know EVERYBODY wasn’t born RACIST  so, this racism that came out is something that was pretty much TAUGHT by the SOCIETY. So the few questions I have are these: “Who came up with racism/ segregation and why? Is segregation around the world somehow end? Is there a way to still stop segregation/racism? 

I’ll have to go into a little of religion. God created each and every one of us in his own  image (Genesis 1:27) and that we’re equal (one)  in God’s eyes. (Galatians 3:28)  We all have the same blood color: just because a person is either white or black doesn’t make them any different. We were all born to one person so I then ask again: why does this inequality still exists? The movement that happened 1954-1968 was supposed to teach all a lesson that we were supposed to all learn from. Taking a look on the leaders who were involved in the rights movements or those who had something to do with human rights: Martin Luther King Jr. Rosa Parts, Malcolm X, Maya Angelou, Du Bois, James Baldwin, and an ongoing list of them. Take a great look on  the slaves, Emmett Till, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and also the actions that are going with Donald Trump, are those not giving you any thoughts? So far I like Ta-Nehisi book which he wrote to his teenage son about the feelings, symbolism, and realities associated with being Black in the United States to tell him what’s really up and the thing he went trough and saw back in the days so his teenage son can learn from that, to prepare the future actions.

In that interview there’s some certain things I like that he said especially what he mentioned at the end of the interview. The fact that he said he’s somehow kind of outside the African-American tradition is relevant due to the fact that he said that they all about Christianity and he isn’t because he pretty much didn’t grow up as one. That make totally sense because  he talks more about Malcolm X and how he’s influence by him. What he said at the end of that interview is a thing that should really be focused on because to me it meant that Until people start thinking about”hate” before they do it, progress is nice but that will not end racism.

Progress is good. But until we live in a country in which white supremacy has been banished; until we live in a country where one can look at prisons, if we are to have them, and not see an eight-to-one ratio; until we can look at a country and not see black men comprising roughly 8 percent of the world’s imprisoned population; until we can have a situation in which I can turn on the news or come on this show and be able to discuss other things besides Sandra Bland being threatened with being—to “light [her] up,” as he said, over a turn signal; until we have a situation in which a Tamir Rice, you know, who’s out playing, is not effectively committing a lethal crime or a crime that threatens his life; until we have a situation where Kajieme Powell, for the mere fact of being mentally ill, is not shot down in the street; until we have a situation in which a John Crawford, who was shopping in Wal-Mart, is not shot down and executed in a store—progress is nice, but it’s to be noted, and the struggle continues after that.”




It goes around, but can’t be seen

Ever since day one, there were a lot of separations, racism, human rights denied, and so now. In today’s century however, the same thing still happen to this minute well, the fact that it doesn’t happen often like how it used to. It happens but fewer people notices it. I don’t think the world is going to end where racism wouldn’t be there any longer. Nowadays people are protesting saying “Black Lives Matter.” Things that happened years ago with the Michael Brown shooting and Trayvon Martin aren’t just action that just took place but made an impact to the society and how we behave today.

In 2016, I’m hearing people going against Donald Trump and whether or not agreeing with him  and basically having their commentaries about the politics of the candidates. Well what got me to be talking about this is the fact that there’s this video on YouTube where these group from Baltimore sang about Donald trump. ( However, the man up there talking about has a strong message that I took from it. The fact that he said if it were black people sing about killing other black people, the whites would take it as a normal thing but the fact that its black people singing about a white person, the white people wanna are getting  all offensive.

That’s reminding me of how this society is still  growing with racism. I can kind of still relate this to what Ta-Nehisis Coates  is talking about in his book, Between the world and Me. I haven’t finished the whole book but from what I’ve  read, he pretty much telling his son what’s like to be black living in America; the thing he have seen and been through. He’s also saying the things that happened years ago didn’t  only stayed where and when it happened at but the fact that it was driven to today’s society.

What Ta-Nehisi Coates was basically talking about in this book about black lives matter in America is completely different to what Ben Clinton had just said in the above video. Although some people are protesting about black lives matter but the fact that nobody is pretty much doing anything about it, action such as those in the previews years are occurring. Ben got in trouble for telling the truth to Black Lives matter by quoting “Thou shalt not contradict Black Lives Matter protesters.”